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Muse Case

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+ The Task

We helped our friends at muse case – a digital agency based in Stuttgart – to develop a branding and visual style that would reflect their professionalism while still being true to their fun and easy way of doing things. As the agency, clients and projects grew, it felt like the perfect timing for a rebrand. We loved being part of this joint project.



The founders of a new professionalism

muse case color scheme
a close up of the muse case sign on a building
two people sitting at a table with a laptop
+ Strategy /
+ brand design /

The agency sees itself in the tradition of the Ulm School and the Bauhaus. It offers real solutions to problems and not empty buzzwords. Therefore, the design needed to be clear and constructive. A set of playful custom-made emojis loosens up the rational appearance, while futuristic-looking graphics visualize abstract contents and make the branding bold and distinctive.

Mobile screens of the muse case website
muse case info graphic
a close up of a muse case business card on a carpet
a muse case business card sitting on top of a table
+ Stationery /

The agency's high quality standards found their counterpart not only in the digital but also in the real world. A high-quality stationery was produced with discreet but effective materials and finishes, such as through-coloured Conqueror paper, embossing, hot foil stamping and stickers.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk
a set of four different sticker on a black and white background

Contrasting typographic styles and generous use of white space make the UI feel sophisticated and easy to use. The functional and clear aesthetic is softened by smooth animations and transitions and the use of the playful set of custom-made emojis.

a man sitting on a stool with his legs crossed
a man with glasses is posing for a picture
a black and white photo of a woman smiling
+Image style /

Muse case is a people-focused business. Their appreciation of the team is reflected in a reduced image style that focuses on the character of each individual. It’s not about showing off, it’s about setting the stage for individuals that make the company as successful as it is.

+ Outcome +

A contemporary and flexible set of brand assets to match the agency’s growing presence.

5 power point designs
a close up of a sticker on a wall
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