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Mestiro is an online shopping platform offering professional products at a fair price. DIY is on the rise in Germany. Two out of five Germans do DIY regularly. Influencers are meeting the growing demand by sharing their results on social media. It was time for a contemporary and accessible shopping experience to meet the needs of the growing customer base. Our task was to develop the branding on behalf of our friends at muse case.



A good friend with expert knowledge who is always by your side.


Mestiro is targeting a new generation of DIY customers who are used to an excellent user experience. For them, a digital-first approach isn't an add-on, it's a necessity. The brand can be seen as a good friend with expert knowledge, always by your side to help you turn your ideas into reality.

MEstiro color scheme
a man and a woman wearing hard hats and safety glasses
a person holding a hammer over another person's hand
a man sanding a table with a sander
Mestiro logo on a bunch of different colors
Typography /
Colors /

The visual language expresses simplicity and precision as well as accessibility, warmth and friendliness. The monogram provides a bold and recognizable mark. The Aeonik typeface has a geometric yet friendly appeal. The colors are natural yet vibrant and modern. All the design modules work together seamlessly in a modular design system.

Mestiro typeface overview
a phone with a picture of a driller on it
a green business card with the Mestiro supersign on it sitting on top of a rock
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk
a cordless sander on a multicolored background
a cell phone with a picture of a tool on it
a cell phone with a Mestiro interface
Mestiro UI Kit
Mestiro UI Kit
Modular Design system /
UI /

The modular design system allows for flexible and rapid development of new features and pages. From buttons to color schemes to complex UI elements, every detail is thoughtfully designed and can be recombined and implemented quickly and easily.


A flexible design system allows the platform to focus on its mission: to empower everyone to craft, build and create.

a brown paper bag with the Mestiro logo on it
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