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The Task

Delivery Hero is one of the leading local delivery companies. It is present in over 70 countries worldwide, across four continents. Its mission is to always deliver an amazing experience. In a phase of steady and fast growth, a new logo was needed to unite various brands under one strong symbol. We realized this project during our time as employees at Strichpunkt Design as part of a fantastic team.

Red Delivery Hero logo on white background


Always delivering an amazing experience.

Delivery Hero logo construction
a close up of a person wearing red pants with the Delivery Hero logo on it
a person wearing a white jacket with the Delivery Hero logo on it
global symbol /

The graphic symbol of an ascending star is visualizing the ambitious growth of the company, as well as speed and quality of delivery. When developing the logo, it was important to ensure that it could be used universally around the world without being too food-focused or too culturally specific. It stays true to the brand's roots, as it could easily be the symbol of a superhero.

a bunch of boxes that are stacked on top of each other
The delivery Hero Logo on the side of a brick building
a couple of people eating pizza and chicken wings

True to the roots

The global logo could easily be the symbol of a superhero.

+ designed with our lovely colleagues at Strichpunkt Design

a red plane with a white Delivery Hero logo on it
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