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Revolutionize the logistics industry


+ The Task

Flettex is a Bolivian digital logistics platform, building a bridge between cargo generators and carriers. Flettex streamlines freight management and offers efficient, data-driven planning and enhanced shipment visibility. It is a pioneer in empowering individuals and small businesses to generate and gain control over their business. Our task was to help Flettex bring their vision to live by creating a distinctive brand that stands out in the market.



Reinventing long distance logistics

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+ Strategy /

The Flettex branding weaves together their technological prowess with their Bolivian roots, their commitment to partnership and efficiency, and their vision for a digitally integrated logistics future. It's a brand built on the foundation of digital collaboration and a visual connection with the Bolivian landscape.

+ brand design /

The logo embodies the essence of Flettex — technical, geometric, and symbolizing the collaboration between two partners, while the colors pay homage to their roots, evoking energy and cultural connection. The Flettex typeface balances technical precision with approachability, embodying their mission to make logistics accessible and friendly.

+ brand design /

The layout system is designed around square elements, echoing the modular nature of freight containers and the digital realm of pixels and QR codes. The squares serve as a constant reminder of Flettex's dual focus on physical logistics and digital innovation, embodying the mission to streamline and digitize freight management.

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The UI-Kit enables Flettext to build the interface of their product fast and efficient. It minimizes design effort in product development by providing a clear and simple toolbox.

+Design System /

We made it possible for Flettex to focus on their business development and stand out from their competitors by giving them a distinctive design and providing a flexible system, that is open for future growth.

+ Outcome +

With a flexible design system we helped to build the foundation for future growth.

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